Weekend activities Sat15th and Sunday 17th

Well done Killian and Fiona. Killian Mont Ventoux all three sides 132KM Climb 4340Mtrs Time 6H55M. Fiona the famous side 22KM 1610 metres climb

Saturday 15th July
TIME: 9.00AM
MEETING POINT: Cloghroe (West of Muskerry Golf Club)
ROUTE: Millstreet via Rylane & Musseragh, return via Lyre & Nadd
DIFFICULTY: 1100Mtrs climb. Moderate
COFFEE: Millstreet West End    Nibbles
Weather outlook
Looks to be good but cloudy
SUNDAY 16th July
TIME: 10.00AM
MEET Point: County Hall
ROUTE: Lissarda via Killumney & Crookstown. Return via Canovee-Coachford-Dripsey
DIFFICULTY: Easy 500mtrs climb
COFFEE: Ma Fitz Lissarda
Looks very good

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