Day 7 Soller/Daia 110 km 1750mtrs climb

Waiting at the top

A Day in the Life…. of Leeroadies.There is a musical theme running through Day 7’s piece. It was (about) 20 years ago today that Declan & Geraldine began what has become an annual pilgrimage to Mallorca. The general consensus is that we are getting better all the time. However, only Mick C was awarded a contract, albeit from the local karaoke club. This was won with a little help from his friends who cannot be named because of rule 11b, section 4. If you can name the musical album, launched 26th May 1967, you can buy us all an ice cream cone the next time we’re all in Port Sa Calobra!Ann Marie waves us on our way, as she has loyally done every good morning, and we roll out for the last ride of the week. Up the back road to Calvia and straight into the first pull pf the day, the col de Tords.


We regroup before navigating the maze that is the ‘bermuda triangle’ and then single file up the Soller road. Just before the Soller climb, main peloton head for Bunyola and the longest coffee and cake break of the week!! Then on toSanta Maria, back through the maze and then up the other side of col de Tords. It must be recorded that despite stiff opposition from elite riders, that Declan found his mojo and roared up the climb. The KK contingent call for arbitration and doping control, but the commissars are happy enough with all alcohol readings. On the fast main road into Palma Nova some riders clocked @ 75kms on their strava.The group settle into the county council restaurant, a few recovery drinks and fine fare were consumed to round off a good day in the saddle.

The other 7 (The Magnificent Seven) riders climbed the 5.5kms to the col above the Soller tunnel before getting dizzy on the downhillswitchbacks, and then the very fast approach to Soller. More climbing up to Deia before a most welcome lunch stop overlooking the azure waters of the corniche coast. The road rolls and pulls for another few kilometres before an exhilarating descent to Valldemossa. On towards the maze of the BT, before the last climb of the holiday up the col de Tords. Kevin & Ben lead the charge and John B responds to the challenge, before Kathryn & Tracey restore the natural order of things. We roll into the Ponent Mar and head for the beach for a most welcome cool down.Another magical day. Stories of the week and the day are retold again and again before, during and after dinner. Deckie had not just found his legs but also rediscovered his fine singing voice as he led chorus after chorus into the early hours! It’s going to be very difficult to top this week, but there is always a fresh challenge and Beara looms!Final word to John B, whose name has been changed, by popular acclaim, to John the Revelator. The Boss at Deia

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