Day 6 Catagory ONE Sa Calobra 9km 750 Mtrs climb


To begin, Barry B was proven to be correct once again. Mick C’s new Sidi shoes definitely made him 1.2 seconds faster over the course of the day.

Within the Leeroadies we have Bolters, Chasers and the humble Gruppetto. All of us strive to be the very best that we can be and on any given day each of us can feel brilliant for having tried, strived and succeeded. Today was one of those special days.
Twenty four degrees in sunny Malloraca,with a little bit of light cloud to provide some respite from the sun’s rays. Twenty riders load their bikes onto the trailer and pile into the bus for the drive to Selva, on the edge of the Tramuntana.

Today was the Sa Calobra ride, with two options the long 120 kms and over 3200m of climbing and the still challenging 75 kms with 2100m of rising ground.

The route took us out of Selva towards LLuc monastery through forests of pine that provided most welcome shade. Then the drag to the viaduct at the Soller road and the first hard pull top the top of the Sa Calabro. Through the gap, and we begin a fast and wonderful 9.5 kms descent to the port of Sa Calobra. What a ride? The only nagging doubt in the back of our heads is that we must turn around and ride the same 9.5 kms uphill to get out of the canyon.

There is something special about rides like this. Despite the varying abilities within the group, a climb like the SA Calobra is equivalent to running out at Thomond Park or Croke Park. Mere mortals get to perform in an arena usually preserved for professionals. Several riders performed very close to professional standards and chapeau to these gifted riders. But, Respect to all of the riders who worked their way up the climb and on again to gain the height to reach the tunnel through the mountain and then enjoy the 14kms rolling descent into Soller. It seemed like a gift from the gods!

Thanks be to the pantheon of gods that the bus awaited our arrival and 15 of us took welcome refuge on board. The extraordinary five who climbed out of Soller, tore down the road towards Palma, navigate their way through the maze that is the ‘bermuda triangle’ to reach Establiments and then tackle the col de Tords, serious respect is due and was earned.Chapeau.

Sa Calobra canyons

The pluggers

The elite group

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