Day 5 70 km. 970mtrs climb. The Magnificent 7

To day out of 24 runners and riders only 7 came to post this morning. I will not name and shame those who chickened out but the attendance list was John the magnificent Burges,Duracell Dermot Mulcahy, Evil Kneival Kevin O,R,The Kilkenny infiltrator Brendan W  with his side kick the Kerryman Liam K ,The ever ready Albert and Walkabout Con C + myself PO,L . Many excuses were made but none accepted. ( Rumour has it that there were many disturbances in Magaluf last night but what goes on tour stays on tour.

To day the magnificent seven did Gallalee,La Granga,Esporoles ,Col de Torres without incident.

Yesterday there was a little walkabout by Con Collins who envagled the naive, 😇 innocent,unsuspecting Larry OBrien to accompany him . He came home a broken man eight hours later having completed a magistical mystery tour around Inca 140 km with about 3000 mars climbing .

Tracey with her Domestiques

Pat,Mick and Deckie

Larry has not been seen today😂

Tomorrow we have the big one Sa Callobra

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