Mallorca Day 4 65km 970 mtrs climbing

The ruta turistica to St. Elm.


“Oh it’s a hard hard life”

Camp De Mar

Thursday 18th May.
This is meant to be a cake and coffee day, with no hard climbs and plenty of stops.

Too easy for Con who heads inland with Lar to reconnoitre the area around Inca. Some reckon he’s looking for treasure and Inca gold?

The happy group roll out at 9:15 through the magic roundabouts and on to the JL highway to join the main road to Es Capdella. Straight through the village and up the hill on the first pull….”too early, too hot” someone quips, but the bolters go, led by John B, Kathryn and Tracey. Albert is on song and does the climb twice just because he can. The sight of his sprinters muscles twitching as he takes off is a sight to behold. “He’s back”, shouts Declan, as he and Pat lead the chase.

We descend towards the outskirts of Andratx and pick up the road to St.Elm. The early section of the road is fast and furious, as we are overtaken by the Elite group, and suddenly the dynamic has changed and we speed towards coffee and cake. Dermot, Richard, Sheila, Kevin, Liam and Paul are in rare form and pull away. Before we know it we are on the last 2 km rise of ground and then the fast descent to the sea and St.Elm. This is an idyllic spot and once again works its charm on all of us. It’s hard to leave, but suffering is the cyclists lot and with heads down we ease our way into the long tortuous climb out of the tranquil harbour.
​ Paradise found in Sant Elm.

The next section is up and down to the Port of Andratx, where we inspect our yachts and catch up with the waiting sprinters.
​ The marina at Port Andratx…the Leeroadies yacht is just out of picture.

There is a longish climb away from the sea and inland towards Pugera and then the final short, sharp pull up to Es Capdella. We split into at least three groups, some stopping for sustenance before taking on the Galilea and Col De Tords climbs and home. Others follow Mick, Geraldine and Fiona for lunch and enjoy watching hundreds of cyclists swish by the restaurant. The remainder follow Richard in a furious descent towards Palmanova and well earned recovery, drinks, lunch swims and massages.

We keep pinching ourselves as we realise our privilege to be riding on this golden island in the sun.

There were attempts at last evenings dinner at an editorial coup d’etat.
Lar and Con were vociferous about what they perceived as a lack of transparency and accountability in the structure of the group. PO’L gave them short shrift and just to clarify that today’s piece was written by the ‘annointed one’, who welcomes all pieces and ideas for the daily blog!

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