Weekend activities Sat 3rd and Sun 4th June

Saturday 3rd June
TIME: 9.00am
MEETING POINT: Cloghroe Church (west of Muskerry Golf Club)
ROUTE: Kanturk via Nadd-Banteer-Kanturk. Return via Lombardstown-Bweeing-Home
DIFFICULTY: Moderate 800Mtrs climbing
COFFEE: Thomas Browns . Rear entrance to Supervalue
Weather outlook
Reasonable Could be showery
SUNDAY 4th June
MEET POINT: County Hall: 
ROUTE: Bandon via Ballincollig-Killumney-Begleys Forge-Crossbarry-Bandon. Return via Innishannon-Half Way and home
DIFFICULTY: Easy 460Mtrs
COFFEE: Billys Restaurant at the Cork side of Bandon
Reasonable Could be showery

Saved by the Helmet

Note missing piece

Very happy I wore my helmet today, snapped the hanger while climbing in Waterfall hit the ground like a tree, took a chunk out of my helmet and elbow, a good samaritian came along rendered first aid and brought me home.

Some people will do anything to help others, I’m so thankfull to him and all he wanted me to do was play it forward.

So I will …


Day 7 Soller/Daia 110 km 1750mtrs climb

Waiting at the top

A Day in the Life…. of Leeroadies.There is a musical theme running through Day 7’s piece. It was (about) 20 years ago today that Declan & Geraldine began what has become an annual pilgrimage to Mallorca. The general consensus is that we are getting better all the time. However, only Mick C was awarded a contract, albeit from the local karaoke club. This was won with a little help from his friends who cannot be named because of rule 11b, section 4. If you can name the musical album, launched 26th May 1967, you can buy us all an ice cream cone the next time we’re all in Port Sa Calobra!Ann Marie waves us on our way, as she has loyally done every good morning, and we roll out for the last ride of the week. Up the back road to Calvia and straight into the first pull pf the day, the col de Tords.


We regroup before navigating the maze that is the ‘bermuda triangle’ and then single file up the Soller road. Just before the Soller climb, main peloton head for Bunyola and the longest coffee and cake break of the week!! Then on toSanta Maria, back through the maze and then up the other side of col de Tords. It must be recorded that despite stiff opposition from elite riders, that Declan found his mojo and roared up the climb. The KK contingent call for arbitration and doping control, but the commissars are happy enough with all alcohol readings. On the fast main road into Palma Nova some riders clocked @ 75kms on their strava.The group settle into the county council restaurant, a few recovery drinks and fine fare were consumed to round off a good day in the saddle.

The other 7 (The Magnificent Seven) riders climbed the 5.5kms to the col above the Soller tunnel before getting dizzy on the downhillswitchbacks, and then the very fast approach to Soller. More climbing up to Deia before a most welcome lunch stop overlooking the azure waters of the corniche coast. The road rolls and pulls for another few kilometres before an exhilarating descent to Valldemossa. On towards the maze of the BT, before the last climb of the holiday up the col de Tords. Kevin & Ben lead the charge and John B responds to the challenge, before Kathryn & Tracey restore the natural order of things. We roll into the Ponent Mar and head for the beach for a most welcome cool down.Another magical day. Stories of the week and the day are retold again and again before, during and after dinner. Deckie had not just found his legs but also rediscovered his fine singing voice as he led chorus after chorus into the early hours! It’s going to be very difficult to top this week, but there is always a fresh challenge and Beara looms!Final word to John B, whose name has been changed, by popular acclaim, to John the Revelator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6NDdF-R2uk The Boss at Deia

Day 6 Catagory ONE Sa Calobra 9km 750 Mtrs climb


To begin, Barry B was proven to be correct once again. Mick C’s new Sidi shoes definitely made him 1.2 seconds faster over the course of the day.

Within the Leeroadies we have Bolters, Chasers and the humble Gruppetto. All of us strive to be the very best that we can be and on any given day each of us can feel brilliant for having tried, strived and succeeded. Today was one of those special days.
Twenty four degrees in sunny Malloraca,with a little bit of light cloud to provide some respite from the sun’s rays. Twenty riders load their bikes onto the trailer and pile into the bus for the drive to Selva, on the edge of the Tramuntana.

Today was the Sa Calobra ride, with two options the long 120 kms and over 3200m of climbing and the still challenging 75 kms with 2100m of rising ground.

The route took us out of Selva towards LLuc monastery through forests of pine that provided most welcome shade. Then the drag to the viaduct at the Soller road and the first hard pull top the top of the Sa Calabro. Through the gap, and we begin a fast and wonderful 9.5 kms descent to the port of Sa Calobra. What a ride? The only nagging doubt in the back of our heads is that we must turn around and ride the same 9.5 kms uphill to get out of the canyon.

There is something special about rides like this. Despite the varying abilities within the group, a climb like the SA Calobra is equivalent to running out at Thomond Park or Croke Park. Mere mortals get to perform in an arena usually preserved for professionals. Several riders performed very close to professional standards and chapeau to these gifted riders. But, Respect to all of the riders who worked their way up the climb and on again to gain the height to reach the tunnel through the mountain and then enjoy the 14kms rolling descent into Soller. It seemed like a gift from the gods!

Thanks be to the pantheon of gods that the bus awaited our arrival and 15 of us took welcome refuge on board. The extraordinary five who climbed out of Soller, tore down the road towards Palma, navigate their way through the maze that is the ‘bermuda triangle’ to reach Establiments and then tackle the col de Tords, serious respect is due and was earned.Chapeau.

Sa Calobra canyons

The pluggers

The elite group

Day 5 70 km. 970mtrs climb. The Magnificent 7

To day out of 24 runners and riders only 7 came to post this morning. I will not name and shame those who chickened out but the attendance list was John the magnificent Burges,Duracell Dermot Mulcahy, Evil Kneival Kevin O,R,The Kilkenny infiltrator Brendan W  with his side kick the Kerryman Liam K ,The ever ready Albert and Walkabout Con C + myself PO,L . Many excuses were made but none accepted. ( Rumour has it that there were many disturbances in Magaluf last night but what goes on tour stays on tour.

To day the magnificent seven did Gallalee,La Granga,Esporoles ,Col de Torres without incident.

Yesterday there was a little walkabout by Con Collins who envagled the naive, πŸ˜‡ innocent,unsuspecting Larry OBrien to accompany him . He came home a broken man eight hours later having completed a magistical mystery tour around Inca 140 km with about 3000 mars climbing .

Tracey with her Domestiques

Pat,Mick and Deckie

Larry has not been seen todayπŸ˜‚

Tomorrow we have the big one Sa Callobra

Mallorca Day 4 65km 970 mtrs climbing

The ruta turistica to St. Elm.


“Oh it’s a hard hard life”

Camp De Mar

Thursday 18th May.
This is meant to be a cake and coffee day, with no hard climbs and plenty of stops.

Too easy for Con who heads inland with Lar to reconnoitre the area around Inca. Some reckon he’s looking for treasure and Inca gold?

The happy group roll out at 9:15 through the magic roundabouts and on to the JL highway to join the main road to Es Capdella. Straight through the village and up the hill on the first pull….”too early, too hot” someone quips, but the bolters go, led by John B, Kathryn and Tracey. Albert is on song and does the climb twice just because he can. The sight of his sprinters muscles twitching as he takes off is a sight to behold. “He’s back”, shouts Declan, as he and Pat lead the chase.

We descend towards the outskirts of Andratx and pick up the road to St.Elm. The early section of the road is fast and furious, as we are overtaken by the Elite group, and suddenly the dynamic has changed and we speed towards coffee and cake. Dermot, Richard, Sheila, Kevin, Liam and Paul are in rare form and pull away. Before we know it we are on the last 2 km rise of ground and then the fast descent to the sea and St.Elm. This is an idyllic spot and once again works its charm on all of us. It’s hard to leave, but suffering is the cyclists lot and with heads down we ease our way into the long tortuous climb out of the tranquil harbour.
​ Paradise found in Sant Elm.

The next section is up and down to the Port of Andratx, where we inspect our yachts and catch up with the waiting sprinters.
​ The marina at Port Andratx…the Leeroadies yacht is just out of picture.

There is a longish climb away from the sea and inland towards Pugera and then the final short, sharp pull up to Es Capdella. We split into at least three groups, some stopping for sustenance before taking on the Galilea and Col De Tords climbs and home. Others follow Mick, Geraldine and Fiona for lunch and enjoy watching hundreds of cyclists swish by the restaurant. The remainder follow Richard in a furious descent towards Palmanova and well earned recovery, drinks, lunch swims and massages.

We keep pinching ourselves as we realise our privilege to be riding on this golden island in the sun.

There were attempts at last evenings dinner at an editorial coup d’etat.
Lar and Con were vociferous about what they perceived as a lack of transparency and accountability in the structure of the group. PO’L gave them short shrift and just to clarify that today’s piece was written by the ‘annointed one’, who welcomes all pieces and ideas for the daily blog!

Cooked Fried and Goosed 28deg

Cooked, fried and goosed.

The happy group left sharp at 9:15 for Es Capdella and the rise up the Col De Torts in the Serra de Tramuntana.This mountain range runs south west to north east, forms the backbone of sunny Mallorca and is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Corniche May 17

The elite group were fast on our heels as we descended into Esporalles, with Dermot and Kevin leading the hungry pack. Quickish coffees and lots of water taken on board before the pull up towards the Corniche coastline. The Corniche, or road on the edge, is aptly named. We tried to concentrate on the hairpin bends, and on the pulls got to gaze at the magnificent cliffs and coastline. The scent from the forests of pine and their shade made this a spectacular ride. Albert kept everyone safe at road junctions, while Declan and Pat led the way. Through Banyalbufar, (founded by the sea), a picture postcard village, pop.627, perched on the side of precipitous cliffs and then on to Estellencs, pop.328. The road out of Estellencs rises for about 5kms until we reach the most welcome sight of the day, the restaurant for our the lunch stop!
​ The Elite squad on the Corniche.
Does it get any better? Richard, Ian, Tracey and Sheila at the lunch stop.

Fed and watered the phalanx of riders splits into four groups. Richard, Sheila, Con, Dermot,Ian and Ben head up the long pull to the top of the Corniche road, followed by Declan, Geraldine, Michael, John B, Kathryn,Tracey, Pat and Mike. At the summit we meet the late arrivals Brendan and Liam. Some riders were so enchanted with the cliff road that they retraced their route home to Palmanova.
Lar, Billy and Paul decide on an extended lunch break before taking a route touristico home. No one is quite sure what that actually involved, though it did have several coffee stops?

Mike, Mick and Deckie
Corniche 2017

A long sweeping descent led by Michael C, who probably thought he was on his much more powerful BMW motor, into Andratx and then the pull up the col to Es Capdella where Kathryn and John B led the charge. The rush home on a well paved road, brought us to the Julian Lennon highway and a more tranquil route to Palmanova. How lucky are we?
Recovery drinks allowed for a full debriefing and recounting of the exploits of the day. A hot day in the saddle! So the ideal follow up was a plunge in the warm waters of the mediterranean. Today, as John B emerged from the ocean waves, he looked the image of Sean Connery in ‘Live and let Die’, probably a better look for him than the Ursula Andress reference?

Mallorca May 16 Leeroadie Correspondent Mike OFlynn

A Day in Paradise.

Day two of the annual pilgrimage to Palma Nova. As we write, some of us have trekked back from the local beach after a recovery swim in the warming blue sea, watching Albert and Lar do their stretching routines on the warm sand. John B has emerged from the Mediterranean like Ursula Andrews in “Dr. No” and we have to do our ablutions in preparation for the communal evening dinner. As a group we agreed on very small quantities of beer and wine so that our daily efforts on the pinarello bikes will reflect the sweat of real athletes.

Monday’s ride was a short loop to get everyone used to the sparkling pinarello’s. Some riders imagine that these bikes actually move of their own accord? This theory was quickly disproved on the first rise of ground! So, a short spin where we managed to split into two groups on the first magic roundabout! Up towards Capdella on the Julian Lennon route, on to Pugera and then a quick tour of Magaluf and coffee in Santa Ponza, before the customary mad dash home.

Day 2…Tuesday 1th May and we had two birthdays to celebrate as we pulled out of the Ponent Mar to Galilea and La Granga. Two formidable climbs totalling 1200 M.and a total distance of 65kms. Some huffing and puffing. This next piece is being dictated by PO’L, “John Burgess and Mick Coughlan loved the challenge, and Fiona Quinn was ecstatic”.

Tomoorows report will be from the Corniche!